Darren Cairns

Darren Cairns
Darren Cairns

Managing Director, Intrinsys


The past six years have seen an incredible shift in consumer demand as we exited a world recession and embarked on a period where consumers expressed their insatiable desire for advanced products and services.  No longer is there a market for inefficient products with poor value, OEM’s are now driven to pay closer attention to their customers and at the same time optimise their product design, development and manufacturing to protect margins or risk failure.

In engineering we have seen the development of technology become a component of everyday life, from autonomous self-driving vehicles to wearable tech, the changes are coming quickly and their impacts hitting hard.

There isn’t a single methodology to maintain success, you need a ‘state of the art’ constantly evolving, technology platform matched with best practice and, most importantly of all, you need to manage your engineering development in an intelligent and significantly more automated manner.  This is why we are here today. UKIEF has been created to deliver the technologies, the processes and provide the opportunity to create a connection, and network, to the resources and people you will need for your business.

I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the UK Intelligent Engineering Forum.

About Darren

Darren recognised the need for a PLM Business Partner that was itself a user of the technology in its own business whilst a Director of sister company Integral Powertrain. Leading Intrinsys by example he provides direction while coaching and empowering a growing, highly motivated and driven team of 65 employees involved in business and technical activities.

After graduating in mechanical engineering Darren had 30 years’ experience encompassing design, analysis and low volume manufacture starting in defence and then moving into the automotive industry. The last 18 years have involved the creation and shareholding of an engineering consultancy, PLM software partner and high volume automotive component supplier.

This background gave Darren the desire to create the UKIEF as an annual event with the objective to demystify PLM from what can sometimes be seen as a very complex subject, to ease discussions with customers and provide resources for clients to build world class and more profitable businesses.

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